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After very successful design of my D.O.M pegs – which were sold 376 pairs, there is new version – D.O.M. V2 pegs! Inovation is big part of production and even small changes can make product better or worst.

When I was facing the decision of make a totally new design of pegs or just little change something which already work pretty well. In the end I decide to make just a little facelift – fresh change which would make pegs better.

The design and dimensions of the pegs are just good so I decide to keep that. Many people told me to make my pegs with rounded cup in the end of the peg. But to be honest Im not a big fan of rounded cup not only because my pivot style and standing on pegs are very different from other people – Usually I stand on tiptoe of my feet – not in the middle of feet like other people – so with rounded cup I would just be slipping. On the other hand I have to admin, that the edge cup was sometimes giving hard times to my feet and shoes.

So I decide to change little thing about the cap of my pegs – from edge cup become a rounded one which is more pivot friendly but still gives you a lot of grip when you need it!

So the result is D.O.M. V2 pegs, which I love even more then the first version!

Price for pair!

Additional information

Weight 205 g
Dimensions 115 × 34 mm

black, blue, gold, green, silver


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