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Dominik Nekolny – BMX World Champion

I was born in 1986 in Prague, Czech republic. I used to play football back in the elementary school and I was pretty good at it ended up in czech national team. I continued to study at electronic high school where I graduated.

In 2003 I have started with my life passion – BMX. After graduation I started to work in company Škoda Praha Invest, where I worked as a designer in 3D. I spend all my free time riding BMX bike and trying to become a real PRO. After few years I quit my job and I have started to do BMX at professional level.

In 2013 I have started project drug-free lecture – visiting schools and talking about my life without drugs. This project is totally independent and is based on my life experiences. I have no religion or other group citizenship – and I represent only myself and my lifestyle.

In 2016 I have founded brand do3ry®. Under this brand I have started to customize cars and manufacture custom exhausts for cars.

Since 2017 I represent brand Snipes who want to support me in my sport carrier and helps to reach my dreams.

The year 2019 was the highlight of my sport career. That year I did something that no one will be able to do anymore – I became a “double” World Champion – by winning the official World Champion title under the banner of the old iBMXFF federation and at the same time later that year I won the official World Champion title under UCI. Last but not least, I managed to get the most valuable award NORA Cup (Number One Rider of the Year) – this award is especially important to me – I have never been very friendly or fraternal and rather focused on my performance and so when people voted for me and I won the Nora Cup, it was a sign for me that people really appreciated my effort, my results and hard work, rather than voting for me because I was “nice” or that we were friends.

Video and promo

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Photoshooting with Dan Vojtěch



You can find all episodes of DOMMODe serie HERE.





Selection of photos from travels, competitions and stuffs I like.

Titles, awards, and results

I have started competing in 2004. Since then, I’ve had participated in 173 comps all over the world from Europe, USA to Japan and Malaysia. Every comp moves me a step further – it does not matter whether it is a win or a loss – the important thing is that I move forward. My greatest achievements:

UCI World Champion 2019
iBMXff World Champion 2019
Nora Cup 2019 (Number One Rider of the Year)
2nd place in FISE World Cup

2x Viceworld Champion
North America Champion
2x Great Britain Champion
3x Germany Champion
7x Czech rep. Champion
3x Slovakia rep. Champion

UCI Mistrovstvi sveta v BMX
FISE World Cup
iBMXff Mistrovstvi sveta v BMX
FISE World Cup - Montpellier
FISE World Cup - Hiroshima


Sponsors help me on my dream journey. My general partner is the german brand Snipes – a chain of stores selling streetwear. I also ride for the german brand AutumBikes – BMX brand. I work with Mitas to produce my own tire.

My BMX parts

Even as I started to ride, I was wondering how great it would be to ride on my own frame. After years I founded the DOMbikes brand, under which I started to produce BMX components such as: frames, handlebars, forks, pegs, stamps, etc. Although I now ride for the AutumBikes brand, I continue with parts design. The greatest success I recorded at D.O.M. pegs, which I sold more than 500 pairs.

In cooperation with Mitas, I began to produce my xDOMx tire, which excels in its excellent adhesion.

Drugfree/motivation lectures

In 2013, I launched my project of drugfree lectures, attending primary and high schools. In lectures I talk about how it is to live a drug-free life and having a dream to reach. The project is totally independent and is built only on my own life. I do not fall under any cult, I do not profess any religion, and my lectures represent only me and a healthy lifestyle without drugs.


BMX Show

Besides my professional career, I also attend accompanying programs of events and exhibitions with my team BMXHOW.cz. If you would like to have an show for a school prom, a company event, a children’s day or festival, do not hesitate to contact me.



If you are interested in anything else or have a question about the show, you can send me a message.

Dominik Nekolny, Prague, Czech republic


+420 777 687 900

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